Generation 1.7: My Curse Brought to Life

Our wedding night went as any other newlyweds would’ve. Locked doors, lights dimmed…and all that. The only difference was that we had a baby to look after. Little Carson would cry every few hours to be fed, changed, or snuggled. So although it was special, we still had responsibilities to attend to as parents.

Following that night, it didn’t come as a surprise to me when I found out Connor and I were expecting our second child. I was overjoyed that we were going to have another little one, but I was also exhausted all the time. Carson was still a baby and needed my constant attention. Connor worked long hours so he couldn’t always be there. But I managed. I loved my children and that made it all worthwhile.

We also remodeled our living room. Connor had recently gotten a bonus with his promotion and he decided to spend it on new furniture for the house. Honestly, I don’t blame him. The old furniture was starting to become quite the eyesore.

Telling Connor about my pregnancy was so much easier this time around. No hiding anything, no lies, I was just going to come right out and say it. “Connor…I’m pregnant.”

If you couldn’t already tell, he was delighted. “Wow. I can’t believe it! This is…amazing! I’m gonna be a daddy…twice!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that. How cute is he?!

Sure enough, Carson’s birthday had snuck up on us and although I would’ve liked to have been the one to bring him to the cake, I was more than happy to let Connor. After all, if it wasn’t for Connor, Carson probably wouldn’t have known his daddy. Scary…but true.

And then I saw him. My little Carson, sweet innocent little baby that he was, had it. The curse. Yes, he took after me with his features and hair but his eyes… I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it before. It took all I had not to cry because I hadn’t even told Carson about everything the curse does. While yellow is happiness, hot pink is lust.  My little boy wouldn’t be able to look at anyone without them feeling attracted to him–even other boys.

So that night I locked myself in my room, pulled out the curse book, and cried as I flipped each page.

Carson was a normal toddler. He loved to play with mommy and daddy and he was interested in learning how to walk, talk, and play the xylophone. I don’t think Connor noticed anything was different about our baby. I suppose he thought that Carson just had the same condition I had. Oh how I wish that were so.

I went into labor unexpectedly a few months later. It hurt like hell and I had trouble dialing the numbers on my cell phone so I could call Connor and a babysitter.

Early the next morning, after hours of painful labor that I had never felt with Carson, Riley Lane Grace was born weighing in at nine pounds ten ounces. He was my big boy and Connor and I instantly fell in love.

However, I couldn’t help but pray with all my heart that he didn’t end up with the same curse that Carson did. It was all my fault, and I will never be able to forgive myself…


Generation 1.6: All I Ask of You

Carson was a fussy baby. He constantly wanted his bottle, so much in fact, that I had to stop breast-feeding him. But he was also the sweetest little guy and had his little fingers tightly wrapped around Connor and I.


Generation 1.5: Falling in Love…Twice

When I heard footsteps behind me, my heart leaped into my throat. That couldn’t be Connor. It couldn’t! Not when this is almost all over. My plan had been working perfectly and the baby was due in about a week! Why now?!


Generation 1.4: A Lie You Can’t Hide

I read up on all of the pregnancy books I could find. “Totally Preggers” was my favorite. I was determined to become a good mommy, whether the baby had a daddy or not. The books were quite interesting actually! They prepared me for labor, which I was not thrilled about, and there was even a section for single mothers!


Generation 1.3: Because of My Mistake

I had brought Connor back to my place. After his previous request, I was a bit apprehensive about showing him. But like the old saying, true love is loving someone as a whole. If I wore my sunglasses for the rest of my life, Connor wouldn’t be loving me for my entire being. Which is why I have to do this.


Generation 1.2: So Basically, You’re My Only Exception

(Connor’s POV)

I can’t believe I acted so stupidly towards her! She was just there to interview me, after all. Sure, she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen but I had no right to frighten her like that. Everyone has a past…even me. So when she backed away like that, I knew she had been hurt before. I promised myself that night that I would be a perfect gentleman to her and I intend to keep that promise.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t try to win her heart…right?


Generation 1.1: What Am I Getting Myself Into?

On the day of my twentieth birthday, I had finally scraped enough money together–little by little, from doing various odd-jobs–so I could afford a house. It was a cute little thing, really. Although the fact that it hung over a large cliff scared me so bad I refused to look out the window for a few weeks.


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